The Musicians of SoulKrackers

Miss Chrystal Starr joins the SoulKrackers with much vivacity & gusto coming from a long history of teaching, performing & appreciating real music. Chrystal made her first debut in Kindergarten when she captivated the audience as the lead in her school’s musical. It was that experience, that introduction to performance that made her love the stage. Miss Starr has always followed the philosophy that practice makes perfect, & so she made a point to take as many music related classes as she could while she was in school. Those classes included private lessons, vocal groups, dance groups, & being the lead singer for the jazz band. She competed in solo & choral ensembles, where she earned medals & recognition for her talent. Following high school, Chrystal attended the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts where she focused on Music Theory, Sight Reading, & Ear Training. She was also a two-year member of the Macombers, Jazz Ensemble, & Madrigals. Since then, Miss Starr has been playing out & about with fantastic groups such as Mainstream Drive, Alyssa Simmons, Paulina Jayne & numerous other local artists. Miss Starr is absolutely thrilled to be playing with the SoulKrackers & reveals, “It has always been a dream of mine to sing with a horn band & I am so grateful for the opportunity to jam with such talented musicians. We are going to melt faces!!!”



Kevin began his musical journey at the age of 6 when his parents purchased a piano with the intentions of making him and his sister play it. He started off like many musicians, with the weekly piano lessons and many hours of practicing forced by his parents. Although at the time it seemed like punishment he would later be grateful for the musical background he received from all those years at the piano. In his teenage years he inherited a drum set due to the unfortunate and tragic loss of his uncle. From then on it was all about the Drums. He Learned the basics from a great drummer who lived in the neighborhood and eventually started a band with some friends from high school. Kevin played with those friends in the band Orange Marsupials for 5+ years until parting separate ways. Now Kevin is a proud member of the Soulkrackers and enjoys jamming out to good tunes and laying down that strong groove behind his set.

Mark began playing piano at age 9 and spent 8 years studying classical music.  He began studying with his Mother who was a full time piano teacher before becoming a band director at numerous high schools.  A little while after he paused on the private lessons and began studying other instruments like guitar, saxophone, clarinet, bass, drums.  Although it was a great benefit to have an understanding of those instruments he would eventually stick with what worked before.  After 8 years of studying classical music he asked his Dad to be his instructor on jazz and music theory.  Shortly to follow Mark found his calling as a professional keyboard player able to read music on the fly whether chord changes or sheet music, and also became an accomplished soloist.  Mark studied music at Western Michigan University and played quite a bit in the local music scene in Kalamazoo.  Since graduating Mark has shared the stage with great musicians local and national acts.!/profile.php?id=12104700


David has been playing since age 5 when mom and dad forced the piano on the family. He moved to woodwinds and found his niche. David studied a double major in Jazz and Classical Performance at Western Michigan University. He has performed, recorded and toured over the years being driven by his love of music. He is an energetic performer with an addiction to playing live. David founded SoulKrackers with John Fredal after a reunion concert they both performed in. He is driven to utilize SoulKrackers to bring great musicians together, promote the Detroit music scene and it’s artists and perform great shows for live audiences that want to have fun. He lives for the opportunity to groove. Just ask him!

Karl has rejoined the ranks of the formidable SoulKrackers horns. he has been playing since he was in elementary school and it shows. A workhorse in the band, anchor of the horn section and arranger / musical director for the Krackers, it is a pleasure having him back.

John has been surrounded by music his entire life. Starting on his grandpa's trumpet in elementary school he moved to baritone horn and then trombone. John played along side high level musicians in Henry Ford II Hign School Jazz Band and Barn Theatre orchestra pit. A decade of performing with the Trinity Brass Ensemble kept classical music in his life. Eventually, he felt it was time to get funky. John had fun and gained experience playing trombone in Funk'n'bluzin's strong horn section for a dozen years. At the same time his reenactment hobby brought stringed instruments into his life. Mandolin, Banjo, ukelele and violin.... If it had strings, John was looking to learn it. You'll occasionally see John pull them out while performing at a SoulKrackers show. Being a cofounder of SoulKrackers, John has thoroughly enjoyed this project and is proud of the premier band that it is today! The blending of seasoned veterans with the freshness of Detroit's talented youth has John excited about what the future holds. "it's been a heck of a ride; come join us to see where it takes us next. Wherever that should be, it's sure to be fun!"

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